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Individual Therapy Young Adults

You recently turned 18, graduated high school or started college.

Life feels like its changing very fast and you are unsure of who you are/want to be or what's next for you.

You feel like your relationships with friends or your family are getting harder to manage or connect with.

You need a space to talk about life with someone who can understand and guide you

I can help….

  • In our sessions, we’ll work to explore your current situation and struggles. We may also process things from your past to gain a better sense of understanding or closure. We will also talk about the future and how to plan for difficult situations.

  • You will learn more about how to effectively communicate with roommates, parents, friends and partners. We will focus on helping you confidently express your feelings, set boundaries and making requests of others.

  • I will listen to you non-judgmentally and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles.

  • Therapy with me will help you resolve painful feelings, improve your self-esteem, strengthen your relationships and find meaning in your life.

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