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Areas of Expertise

I support clients struggling with depression and anxiety, learning about and coping with the highly sensitive trait, as well as grief and difficult life transitions. I specialize in older teens, college students, young adulthood/emerging professionals. I also specialize in working with women around fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and family life.


-Anxiety/panic attacks, stress management and coping skills.

-Social relationships, self-esteem, body image, perfectionism.

-Family relationships, communication and connection, conflict management.

Young Adults/Emerging Professionals:

- Becoming more independent (financially, physically, emotionally).

-Moving away from home, starting college or a new job, big transitions.

-Stress management, work/school-life balance, setting boundaries, making connections.

-Depression and anxiety, self care, self acceptance and self love.

Women (Fertility, Pregnancy, Motherhood and Family Life)

-Infertility concerns and stressors. Miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal loss.

-Postpartum depression, anxiety, panic and other mood disorders.

-Self care in motherhood. navigating lack of sleep, change in relationships, new identity.


Highly Sensitive Individuals: 

-Learning about the trait.

-Embracing the strengths and managing the difficulties.

-Self acceptance

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