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Individual Therapy for

You are a concerned and loving parent who feels unable to help your child. Your teen has started sharing less with you and you aren't sure what's going on with them.


Their behaviors at home and school worry you and you feel unsure of how to support them. You want the very best for them but often feel pushed away and frustrated.

I can help….

  • I have worked with adolescents for several years and really enjoy partnering with parents and their children to best support families. I work with adolescents 14 years and older and can help with many troubling topics.

  • My goal in working with youth is to listen to and validate them. I give them a space to talk about anything and help them better express their feelings and needs to their families so they can get the support and love that they need to thrive.

Does your teen need support with any of the following?

-High sensitivity/Shyness

-Anxiety or panic attacks

-Trouble making or keeping friends

-Substance use



-Family conflicts

-Struggling academically

-Body image concerns or disordered eating

-Gender and sexuality questions or curiosities


-Suicidal thoughts or self-harm (cutting, burning)

I love working with adolescents because they are in such a delicate yet pivotal phase in life. They are figuring out who they are and how they want to be in the world. It can be overwhelming but there is so much potential for self-discovery. Learning to understand and safely express their feelings is a life long tool that will serve your child well.

Your teen might be asking to talk to someone besides you, try not to take this personally, it is developmentally appropriate and can be very helpful for teens to have a supportive relationship outside of the home. I am someone you can both trust. I'll support your teen and encourage them to share with you as they gain more understanding about their inner world.

Part of my work with adolescents often involves family or parent support sessions because having a child with emotional difficulties carries a great deal of stress and I feel it is important to not only support the youth I work with but also their caregivers. I can provide information about what they are going through and what they need from you. I can give you tools to help you be the parent you want to be​. Together we will find new ways of connecting with your teen that feel good for both of you.

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