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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Therapy for Women

You are a woman or woman identified.

You are struggling to conceive, feeling overwhelmed about your fertility options and are hopeful but anxious about becoming a mother.

You are pregnant or post partum and struggling to keep up with all the changes to your body and emotions. You feel anxious, depressed or unprepared for this big life change.

You aren't sure if having children if right for you, now or ever and you need a judgement free place to explore these thoughts.

You are a mother with little to no time to yourself. You feel overwhelmed and isolated. Trying to prioritize your relationship, work and your identity while becoming the mother you want to be.

I can help….

I have completed the Postpartum Support International Two-Day Certificate Training on perinatal mood disorders and have experience with assessing for, diagnosing and treating distressing feelings that can occur during and throughout the first year after pregnancy. 

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