Parent support 

Do you ever feel like your teen wont listen to you? Is there fighting or tension in your home? Do you wish you could get your point across more effectively to your family members? Is there a change or loss that is affecting your whole family?

  •  Sometimes families need a little extra support to keep their connections strong. I offer parent support sessions to help families learn healthy and effective communication strategies and ways to better manage conflict.

I offer individual parent support sessions or parent/child sessions to support your families needs.

Things that family therapy can help with:

-Constant arguing

-Family separations or divorce 

-Not being able to get through to each other

-Feeling like your teen isn't following your rules/expectations

-Helping express your love and concern to your teen in a way they can take in

I specialize in helping parents interact with their teens/pre-teens in more effective ways. The goal isn't around eliminating conflict, but rather having more effective conflicts where both people walk away feeling heard, understood and loved.

We will process what isn't working in your relationship and help each family member find ways to get their needs met. You and your family deserve to be happy and get along.

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